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Well what a fun packed start to the year we’ve had so far! Full of lots of lovely learning and terrific team work. We have been on a yellow and black hunt-both inside and out! We have searched for circles and discussed their properties. 

We listened to a story about the ’s’ sound and had a feel and explore of its shape. We have been learning how to pray and talk to God. Autumn and the weather have been talked about daily and explored in our Autumn corner. 

We have loved taking it in turns to sing nursery rhymes with our ‘tap tap box’, even singing some in Welsh! We have enjoyed many stories, including ‘The Little Red Hen’. This was the inspiration for our bread making and taught us how to work together as a team. 

We loved eating the bread too for snack! We have been writing name labels and have also been busy looking in the mirror and painting portraits of ourselves to decorate our cloakroom. We have been discussing our feelings and how to recognise them on our faces. 

We are looking forward to our new adventures in learning together. What next!!!