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We have completed another week here in Year 6!

This week has seen us complete their national end of year tests.  We undertook three tests, two in Maths and one in English.  The maths procedural and reasoning tests were very challenging but everyone worked really hard to answer all the questions. The English reading test was complex but everyone was able to successfully complete the paper. 

In RE we have started to study the Eucharist and this will gives us a better understanding of its importance and meaning, especially with our Y6 leavers Eucharist only a few weeks away! 

In Science we have been planning, designing, conducting and evaluating our own investigations.  This week we have been investigating paper towels and it has involved us investigating and measuring the spread of liquid on a paper towel, we have recorded the number of weights when a towel tears and also looked at the time taken for an amount of liquid to be absorbed by different towels.  We used the iPads to record, document and plot graphs from the results of our investigation.

We are looking forward to visiting Jamie Oliver's Italian Restaurant next week as part of our Food Revolution Day activities.