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True to form, Year 4 approached Walk to Schoolweek and Values Day with enthusiasm and vigour this week, lots of it! Pupils who normally travel to school by car, decided to brave the weather and go by foot, even where it meant getting up an hour earlier to start their journey! Know that’s what I call dedication! 

Integrating numeracy into the week’s activities, pupils took turns to undertake a survey on how they and their classmates travelled to school. Data was collected and displayed in a class tally chart showing that 41 journeys to school this week were on foot. Da iawn blwyddyn 4!

In PE, pupils carried out numeracy investigations, estimating and then measuring the distance between various features of a walk, for example, the length of the Adventure Trail and the distance between the picnic benches and the goalpost, as well as measuring the perimeter of the field and the playground, which was particularly tricky as the playground is an irregular shape with numerous straight sides! As an added challenge, pupils worked in pairs to choose the most appropriate non-standard measure for the various tasks. With the enthusiasm and creativity we’ve come to expect from Year 4, pupils incorporated a variety of gymnastic skills into the tasks, measuring in caterpillar walks, bunny hops, pogo jumps and cartwheels as well as using strides and footsteps! Thursday saw the whole school forming an amazing walking bus, with older and younger pupils enjoying the experience together. As if this wasn’t already enough, pupils took part in a sponsored fun run on Friday! Exhausting just thinking about it all!

To conclude an energetic and enjoyable week, Year 4 gave their service to Year 1 and 3 pupils as part of Values Day on Friday. The theme for this half term beingService, pupils acted as digital mentors to Year 3, helping them to use thePicCollage app. Lower down the school, Year 4 became reading buddies to Year 1 pupils, reading them Fairytales and talking about the stories before taking them on a walk around the school grounds, via the Adventure Trail of course!