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Wow! What a talented bunch we have here in Year 4! Definitely a few contenders in this class for BGT! We had a fantastic response to last week’s homework where pupils were asked to make a presentation about their favourite hobbies and past-times. They have certainly stepped up to the mark responding with enthusiasm and professionalism. Fantastic presentation skills as well as a very receptive audience!

Presentations included Guitar, Fife and Flute performances, as well as a variety of sports: Karate, swimming, cricket, ice-skating, surfing and ballet! We were even able to try on various bits of kit, watch a kata demonstration, as well as welcome two honorary pupils into our class, Star and Speckles, two plucky little characters! We learned about Carmarthen Bay, Minecraft, Megabloks and Skylanders and even sampled some delicious cupcakes! 

In Maths we have been carrying out different investigations including making containers to hold different amounts and Science we have been investigating variations of temperature in and around the school grounds.

In RE we have been learning about Christian symbols and their meanings, whilst in Art we have been studying the work of Kenyan artist Moses Wanyuki as inspiration for producing our own piece.  In PE we have spent most of our time upside-down and hanging off equipment (with style and grace of course!) as we have been learning new PESS Module 3 gymnastic skills.

To top off an already fantastic week, we made amazing, multi-coloured fruit kebabs as part of Food Revolution Day.  Of course, we weren’t able to show you what great cooks we are, as they were just too delicious to last until home-time!
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