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What a busy week we have had here in Year6.  In English we have been continuing our revision for the national tests by working on our reading comprehension skills and analysing how to answer the test papers.  

In Maths we have been also working hard on our tests by looking at a variety of questions that will appear on both the procedural and reasoning papers.  We have been looking at how to extract the key information from each question. 

In Science we have been investigating both the short and long term effects that drugs have on our bodies, as part of our Human Body topic.  We have also been working on our coding skills on the iPad by using a variety of apps such as Scratch Jr and Hopscotch.   

We really enjoyed our Numeracy QR code problem solving lesson this week and have even found time to go out onto the field and challenge Year 5 to a game of rounders!  A very Happy Birthday to both BB & RL this week.