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Attendance Targets


You will appreciate how important it is that children have a good attendance record and that they are punctual.

The school should be informed by letter or telephone if a child is absent. If we do not have notification then the absence will have to be treated as unauthorised, and we will telephone you to confirm your child's location.

Punctuality and good attendance are extremely important factors in the learning process.

Presenoldeb / Attendance

Attendance at All Saints Church In Wales Primary School is significantly higher that the average across Wales. The target set for the academic year 2016-17 was 96.3% and the school achieved 95.9%. The target set for 2017-18 is 96.3%

School continues to introduce a number of initiatives and strategies to increase attendance. The class with the highest attendance is announced during Friday's celebration assembly and is then shared with parents via Twitter using #attendance