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Welcome back- it sounds like you all had fabulous Christmases. It’s been action packed since returning to school in 2017. 

First on the list was to write a “Thankyou” letter to Santa, hoping to get a head start on this year’s good list! We learnt about Epiphany and the arrival of the Three Kings to see baby Jesus. We are now continuing to learn about Jesus as a boy and all about his family life. We have painted some super family portraits of him. 

We have been thinking about us growing up too and we have all made promises of responsibility. We have been practising typing our names on the i-pad and made a Welsh “Pwy wy ti ?” i-book. We have been working extremely hard at counting, reading  and writing our numbers and are making excellent progress-please keep practising at home. 

Thank you to everyone who has been practising writing their names-we really can see a difference in school. We have started our topic on materials and had great fun going on a material hunt around our school. We learned different material names and discussed what they felt like. 

​We can’t wait for our trip to the museum next week!!    
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