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Year 4 went to Caerphilly Mountain Ranch on their school trip this week with Year 3.  Braving the typical British Summer weather (sunshine and showers!) an amazing time was had by all.  Passing the time away on the bus singing songs they’re performing at next week’s school concert, both classes arrived in very good spirits and ready for the busy day ahead of them.

First up was Archery.  Within minutes, quite a few of our talented pupils had hit the bullseye.  They looked every bit the part and wouldn’t have been amiss in Sherwood Forest with Robin Hood and his band of merry men!  Split into two groups, pupils demonstrated very good hand-eye co-ordination along with a very competitive spirit!

Next up, was den building and learning how to make a fire safely.  Collecting wood, leaves and foliage for den building was the easy bit, starting a fire took a little more skill and patience! All worth it in the end though, finishing off with marshmallows toasted on a stick over a campfire and devoured within seconds in a teepee!

After a well-earned lunch, it was time to feed the hens and meet Gary the African Pygmy goat and his brothers and sisters (avoiding the ugly troll who lived under the rickety, rackety bridge of course!) Gary and gang proved to be very popular with Year 4, with lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ to be heard during feeding time. Gary and the goats weren’t as hardy as Year 4, at the first spot of rain, they retired to their shelter and Year 4 went off in search of a Gruffalo with Little Red Riding Hood! Storytime was very exciting, incorporating a hunt for each of the characters in the story. Year 4 enjoyed their part in the story with great enthusiasm.  

Last up was the bug hunt in the forest (minding out for the Gruffalo of course!) The children found lots of wild garlic, ferns, fairy houses, beetles, spiders, snails, worms, woodlice and badger sets, but no badgers. We think the Gruffalo may have scared them off, it couldn’t possibly have been us!

After all the fresh air and exercise, the day was finished off with an ice-cream and a visit to the guinea pigs before boarding the bus to come home.  Year 4 were a lot quieter on the return journey home. I wonder why?