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This week has seen the school take delivery of our new LEGO education WeDo and Build To Express sets.

The WeDo Construction Set enables us to build and program simple LEGO models that are plugged into a computer. The set contains more than 150 elements, including a motor, motion and tilt sensors, and the LEGO USB Hub.

WeDo from LEGO Education is a motivational hands-on tool that enhances everyday lessons in literacy, maths, engineering, science and technology, and demonstrates how digital technology plays an active role in our everyday life. 

With WeDo we will learn to design and build our own robots, we will have to share ideas to find creative alternative solutions, learn to communicate, share ideas and work together.   We think it is a great resource that appeals to everyone.

The LEGO education BuildToExpress is a creative teaching aid that enables us to communicate as equals, in an inclusive, non-judgmental and highly-motivational environment. Everyone gets involved and takes an active role in the learning process.

LEGO Education BuildToExpress uses carefully selected LEGO elements within a unique, curriculum based, ‘Build and Share’ context. It ensures that everyone of us is given the opportunity to be active, engaged and heard. 

The LEGO Build To Express Core Set includes over 200 LEGO elements in a separate storage unit, which have been carefully selected to provide a broad spectrum of “ready-made metaphors”. The colorful bricks, accessories and Minifigures inspire us and stimulate our creative thinking and imagination.

The LEGO Education Build To Express enables us to communicate more effectively, enhances creative and critical-thinking skills and supports 21st Century Learning Skills, it improves our problem-solving skills and promotes a cooperative learning environment.

We look forward to working with the rest of the school on showcasing these new LEGO education sets.
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