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​On Friday 10th June we celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday. Year 4 made loaves of bread and a big Victoria sponge for a party. Mrs Allen made the butter icing (it was delicious!) Ffion and Mrs Tanner helped make jam and cucumber sandwiches, then we sat outside on picnic benches and ate the marvellous food. We also made cupcakes that we decorated ourselves (they were also delicious!).We watched a video live broadcast from Windsor Castle.
On Thursday 23rd June we went to the National Botanical Gardens in West Wales. The bus trip was long but when we made it to our destination it was AMAZING.
During our visit, we went on a hunt for butterflies and flowers on our way to the glass dome. When we arrived there were flowers from all over the world. We loved playing tag in the hay maze and going to the shop. We had lunch. After lunch we went to the workshop and we learned a lot about Fairtrade. Following that we were off to the bee hives. There were about 12 bee hives and we learnt that we would not live without bees on our planet. There were lots of things in the shop and we all got at least one amazing thing. Before getting back on the bus, we went to the park which had a zip wire, a mini trampoline, climbing frame, swings and a monkey swing. On the way home everybody was so exhausted some people fell asleep! We watched cars on the way back (the seats were so comfy). Finally we arrived home so we could go to bed!
On Friday 1st July we had our summer fair in which many people gathered around to sell any buy donated items. Some people worked at our class stall it was guess the weight of the cake. Year 4 had made another Victoria Sponge and thanks to Mrs Allen, it was beautifully decorated with delicious butter icing.
Year 4 have been very busy this term making Kenyan masks. We hope you like the photographs of just some of them.