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The pupils in Year 4 are such loving, caring pupils to others as well as to each other.  Nothing is ever too much for them and they are always willing to lend a helping hand. Dressed in the colours of the rainbow, they welcomed Values Day with the enthusiasm we have come to expect from them.  

During the day, they reflected on how they could bring Hope to others and what actions they could take to help make God’s world a better place.  They captured their thoughts by creating thought spirals and posters.  Using Lego Build to Express they thought about how Noah might have felt during the Flood.  What hope did God have in Noah and his family? How did Noah keep his faith in God, believing and hoping that He would bring his family and all the animals in the ark back to dry land?  Pupils discussed how God created a rainbow as a promise to his people that He would never again destroy life on Earth with a great flood.  During the morning the whole school helped create a rainbow to symbolise Hope.

A great Values Day, was topped off with the awesome Summer Fair, where pupils sold the beautiful fans they made during the week, as well as sample the wares and take part in the fun and games. Let’s just hope we have the weather to use them! 
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