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All Saints Church in Wales Primary School unite to make a better internet - ​Safer Internet Day 2017

On Tuesday 7th February 2017, the children, teachers and families of All Saints Primary School, united to make the internet a better place by taking part in Safer Internet Day.

The day began with some of our Year 6 pupils and Digital Directors engaging with parents and grandparents at the school gates. The children encouraged the adults to #giveasmile by asking them to design their very own smiley emoji, representing positive uses of the internet. The Digital Directors group had also designed a parental questionnaire which was used to ascertain parental views on e-safety at our school and at home. We would like to say a huge thank you to all parents who took the time to complete these tasks; it is very much appreciated.

Our Digital Directors then led a whole school assembly which launched SID 2017. The assembly was opened by our newly elected First Minister, (LN) and the children delivered a very interactive presentation with a very clear and important message. We would like to congratulate the Digital Directors on a very professional job.

Back in the classroom, the children took part in a variety of engaging and exciting activities which addressed a plethora of internet safety issues. The message delivered by the Digital Directors at the start of the day had obviously impacted greatly on all children as it was evident they had realised the importance of being responsible digital citizens.
The activities undertaken by each year group were evidenced through continual tweets throughout the day and these proved to be very popular with some high profile companies/people such as The UK Safer Internet Centre, Online Safety Cymru and Sally Holland, the Children’s Commissioner for Wales.

Throughout the day, children across the school took part in the #giveasmile campaign and produced their own emoji showing positive attitudes towards internet use. Along with the parental designs from the morning, these were then used to create a large scale smiley emoji, showing our unity towards making a better internet for all.

On Wednesday 8th February, Mr Davies ran an e-safety workshop for parents where issues such as PEGI ratings, social media and parental controls were discussed.

We thoroughly enjoyed SID 2017 but realise that e-safety has to be delivered and discussed on a regular basis due to its high importance. We are fully committed to making our school a digitally safe place to be and to producing responsible and safe users of all digital technologies. 

We are already looking forward to making the internet and even better place during Safer Internet Day 2018.