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All Saints C/W Pupils Showcase Learning to All

On Thursday 7th January All Saints children were invited to share their innovative learning strategies to teachers from all over Wales at the Central South Consortium Education Conference.
The ‘Synergy in our System’ school improvement event was extremely well attended and in partnership with children from Ysgol Lyn y Forwyn, the All Saints pupils ran an inspirational session showcasing their innovative work using Build To Express (BTE) Lego as therapy.
The feedback from the delegates who attended the session was incredible and it really highlighted the importance and need for schools to work together and also utilise the pupils in their schools as learning ambassadors.
After a wonderful lunch the children form both schools were given the opportunity to tour the hallowed ground of the Cardiff City Stadium.  Pupils and staff were allowed onto the pitch, the dugout, the amazing laundry room and the inner sanctum of the home changing room.  It was a special way to end a very special day.
Both schools are extremely proud of the pupils who attended the conference and look forward to continuing to share what we do better - by doing it together!