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Blog from Barry Comprehensive School - Issue 2

On the 16th of October the newly voted form representatives met for the annual student parliament training day. The point of the student parliament is to allow the school’s students a voice in key decisions at the school. During the day, department meetings were held for the first time, with the new members; roles within their own year’s student council were then allocated through voting session held between them.

Many of the students were very pleased with how the day went and how things were organised. Lewis Gibbon of 11ANB said, “The day was brilliant and we are going to make some big changes this year”

Miss Smith, the coordinator of the student parliament said, “The day was very successful with the majority of the form representatives taking a key role in the day’s proceedings.”

During the day a representative from the Vale Youth Forum (VYF) visited, to involve the pupils in the elections for the first Vale Youth Mayer. All of the parliament members had the chance to watch the manifesto clips from the two candidates and then voted using the ballot box provided by the VYF. The Vale Youth Forum (VYF) is a committee for people that live, work or are educated within the Vale of Glamorgan. Representatives are between the ages of eleven through to twenty-five. The VYF is for people who care about the community in which they live and want to make changes to improve the community. Rhys Powell a current Year 8 pupil is a very committed member of the Vale Youth Forum and regularly attends meetings at the Civic offices.

We now look forward to the school parliament’s on-going work and to seeing the impact of the Vale Youth Forum.