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Hangfire Southern Kitchen cook up a treat in Y6

On Thursday 20th October Hangfire Southern Kitchen’s owner Shauna and Head Chef Mike came to visit the All Saints C/W Primary School, Year 6 class.

It was an amazing experience, and everyone enjoyed learning where beef came from, the different types of beef we could eat and the big differences between the meat of a happy cow and an unhealthy cow.
It was very interesting knowing that owner Shauna had been to the farm in Monmouth and knew exactly where the meat we were eating came from.

Everyone made their own burger patties using freshly minced beef which came from the ‘chuck’ part of the cow and we also made homemade BBQ sauce.

It was so delicious it inspired me to make my own sauce at home which was a great success. I used Shauna’s recipe of ketchup, Worcester sauce, cider vinegar, paprika, dark brown sugar and seasoning and I was impressed at how much nicer it tasted compared to a shop bought sauce!

I would like give a big thanks to Shauna, Mike for coming in to my school and providing an excellent afternoon for everybody!
Lila Nunn
Y6 Pupil.