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Our Christian value this half-term has been healthy living and our Values Day on 21st October was focused on looking after our bodies to stay healthy.

​So, as we learnt that water is so vital for life, we also remembered the words of Jesus in John 4:14 when he tells us 'whoever drinks this water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life'. The words of Jesus are as important for us to live as water. 

We have learnt about the Eatwell Plate and how our food is divided into 5 categories, a balanced diet being selected from all five groups.

All of us are very aware of what we should eat and which foods should be restricted in quantity, and many of us have a sugary treat once a week instead of daily.
We have thought about the amount of sugar in our foods and how to make a healthier choice to reduce our sugar, salt and fat intake.

We have thought about how much exercise we take and how we can make sure we have enough to remain fit and healthy.

The whole day was great fun as we also organised a sponsored Aquathon. The children were looking forward to getting wet and had come prepared with a change of clothes. Each class took part in races and activities involving water. See how much fun we had in the photos. Thank you to all our families for all the sponsorship they have organised to raise funds for the school.

There was fun in the classrooms too with fruity faces being made, banana bread in Nursery which was very yummy. Investigations into the contents of our favourite foods and which choices were best.

The children have all been asked to design a healthy lunch box and include some recipes, which will be made into a book by our School Nutrition Action Group (SNAG). We look forward to seeing which lunch boxes are the best.

Thank you to Mrs Webb, Mrs Koursaros and SNAG for leading the Christian values activitiesthis half term.