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The All Saints Church in Wales Primary School Infant Nativity 2016 was a wonderful re-telling of the Christmas story narrated by a group of census keepers.

The play ‘Census Sums’ included the different scenes of the Nativity story acted out by the Year 2 children. All the children in the Infants took part in the performance singing in the choir or taking part in a dance on stage, including the Nursery children who sang a cheerful version of ‘Little donkey’.  

All in all almost 120 children took part in the performance and each child had an opportunity at some point during the show to appear on the stage in a small group and in the choir at the end. The songs were lively and were obviously enjoyed by the children as they sang so well. The finale of the play saw all the children on stage for the two final songs, ‘Preseb Bethlehem’ which the children sang beautifully and ‘What a Christmas this is’ a happy celebratory song.

At the end of the performance the children received a huge cheer from the parents and guests. It was a wonderful performance that really set the mood for the forthcoming Christmas festivities.