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On Friday 9th December All Saints C/W Primary School held a LEGO learning day at school where children and members of their family learnt and played together with LEGO.
LEGO Learning families' day involved all our classes showcasing their LEGO learning skills and sharing with families, how as a school we use LEGO to deliver playful learning experiences that bring subjects to life in and out of the classroom which help to make learning fun and impactful.
During the day we had families building different types of houses together with LEGO; building the Christmas Story using the StoryStarter sets.  In Year 3 and 4, children and adults used the BuildToExpress sets together in a variety of different and imaginative ways.  We also had families programming and writing complex algorithms together in the upper juniors.  They were using the fantastically engaging WeDo, WeDo 2.0 and EV3 Mindstorms LEGO Education resources.
During the day parents, grand parents and friends of the school visited the LEGO Lounge to embark on a number of different LEGO challenges.  They also had the opportunity to undertake hands on learning experiences with all the LEGO Education learning systems that are being used in school.  It was very empowering and inspiring to see children and adults collaborating together, with children leading the learning.  The children also really enjoyed seeing the faces of the grown ups light up with joy and pride as they built and programmed Milo the WeDo 2.0 robot for the first time.
LEGO Education plays an active role in All Saints C/W Primary School to help ignite pupil engagement in learning as we believe that both LEGO and LEGO Education encourage pupils to think creatively, reason systematically and make learning inspiring, engaging and effective.
We would like to thank all our families and members of the community for supporting our LEGO Learning day.  As a school we believe that by bringing different generations together through learning, we will enable our children to be active, collaborative, resilient lifelong learners who are fully prepared for future life challenges.