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Our Christmas Nativity - ‘A Creepy Crawly Christmas’

The Infant Nativity Concert took place at All Saints Church in Wales Primary School on Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th December.  The children played to a packed hall, including local VIPs and there were also many staff and governors, past and present. 

Entitled ‘A Creepy Crawly Christmas’, it was a delightfully different look at the Nativity - through the eyes of a family of caterpillars! “The Wally’s” were the slowest, silliest caterpillars in the school, and the butt of their classmates' jokes. So when a star fell from the sky and landed on them, they decided to prove themselves by discovering what the mystery object was and return it to where it came from.

This of course was no ordinary star and The Wally’s quest became more important than they ever dreamed! Along the way The Wally’s were helped out by a host of very cute creepy crawlies, including dotty old ladybirds, an army of ants, a squadron of RAF dragonflies, cricket playing crickets, a hairy scary spider and four rather familiar Liverpudlian beetles!  The story ended with a traditional Nativity scene to emphasise the true meaning of Christmas and The Wally’s finally earned their wings and became butterflies. 

Miss Mackintosh praised the children for showing such a great deal of commitment in mastering the songs, dances and dialogue during rehearsals.  Miss Lewis applauded children for their amazing performance and commended them for demonstrating a growing self-confidence and talent.  

Miss Lewis said a big thank you to the parents for the continued support and wished every a very Merry Christmas.