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On Friday 20th May, everyone at All Saints came to school dressed in their sports kit in readiness for our Healthy Living Day.
All the classes participated in the skipathon in the morning and were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to skip with a world champion.  With many parents and family members looking on, each class skipped around the playground under the watchful eye of IBF world champion, Lee Selby.
He worked with every class passing on skipping tips and techniques, the ways skipping is part of his healthy lifestyle and how his work and dedication has helped him to achieve his goals.
As this day was also Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day, we also undertook a number of activities that helped children to understand the need and importance to make healthy choices.  Food Revolution Day educates children about food education, nutrition, food waste, sustainability food issues for our planet, develops cooking skills and also the importance of ethical buying.  Our School Nutrition and Action Group (SNAG) firmly believe and uphold the need for good food education as it enables people everywhere to develop a better understanding and more balanced relationship with food, in turn empowering them to make responsible, healthy, sustainable food choices, for life.
With this in mind our SNAG contacted the local Barry branch of Asda and spoke to Lynette Griffin who welcomed the opportunity to help support such an innovative and meaningful event.  Lynette armed with healthy food, carried out informative and interesting sessions with each class, which gave them the opportunity to find out about different foods, why they are healthy and also how wonderful they taste.
With all the classes undertaking a whole host of healthy activities including bread making, soup making, cheese tasting and with many of our children discovering a liking to new fresh foods, everyone had a nutritious and enjoyable day.