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On Friday 20th November all the pupils and staff enjoyed a wonderful day of ‘Friendship’.
To celebrate ‘Friendship’ - the value for the half term, the whole school carried out a variety of exciting activities.  The Year 6 children wrote prayers for all those affect by the tragedy in Paris.
Year 5 & Year 1 buddies got together on friendship day and participated in lots of exciting activities together.
Year 4 shared bread with each other and Year 3 worked hard to write and share friendship poems with their class.
Year 2 and Reception made friendship hearts, which they shared with their friends and even, wrote letters to tell them why they were so special to them.
Our youngest children in Nursery made pasta friendship necklaces that they shared with class mates, by telling them why there were friends.  They were also made a friendship pie, with a sprinkle of love, a litre of kindness and 50g of smiles!
This day was also Universal Children’s Day and our school council visited the Barry YMCA where they worked alongside the Children’s Commissioner for Wales, Sally Holland on how to ensure children and young people get their rights respected and their voices heard.
We look forward to our next Values Day in the New Year.