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SNAG discover the journey of the ‘Prickly Pineapple’

On Thursday 8th January our SNAG group took part in another online field trip with the Eat Happy Project. The theme was ‘Prickly Pineapples’ and the children had the opportunity to talk to two pineapple experts, one of whom was a pineapple farmer who came all the way from Miami. 

It was a great success and the children thoroughly enjoyed learning about pineapples and found out lots of interesting facts from the experts. We particularly enjoyed finding out about where pineapples come from and discovered that they travel 5,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean before reaching our plates in Wales. 

We also found out an interesting fact from CMC in Year 3 that Welsh runner Jamie Baulch was nicknamed ‘The Flying Pineapple’ because of his spikey hair!  

As well as learning about pineapples, the children enjoyed tasting different products including fresh and tinned pineapple, juice and pineapple creamed cheese (which went down very well). 

We’d like to say a big thank you to the Eat Happy Project and also to Tesco, who sent us a generous delivery of pineapples which the children got to take home.