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The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and wanted to know when the next online fieldtrip would be. The facts about cranberries were really interesting and the children learnt a lot. They found it really interesting that cranberries had four chambers inside and some of them cut their cranberries at home to show their families and compare them.

The children were brave enough to try the cranberries in school. A few liked them but most thought they were a bit sour, we managed to take some great pictures of their faces. Many of the children said their families tasted them raw and had mixed feelings about the taste.

The children did lots of things with their cranberries, many were inspired by the recipe ideas you shared during the fieldtrip and made cranberry juice, cranberry jam and cranberry cakes. Some were even more adventurous and one even made cranberry ice lollies and cranberry ice cream (the cranberry lollies tasted the best)! 

Their parents were over the moon with the cranberry sauce and all are keeping it for Christmas Day – thank you Eat Happy Project.