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SNAG have an ‘a-peel-ing’ field trip to Spain

On Thursday 4th December the School Nutrition Action Group (SNAG) were very fortunate to be invited to take part in an online field trip as part of Tesco’s Eat Happy project.

The SNAG children would be linking up with Bernardo in Valencia to find out how the juicy clementines go from farm to fork.  The Eat Happy project had also very kindly sent clementines, oranges, satsumas and a variety of juices for the SNAG children to taste and research before the field trip.

During the field trip the SNAG children were able to watch the live broadcast from Spain, ask questions to the presenters, view informational films and share their research work with everyone.

The SNAG children were also joined by three other schools during the field trip and really enjoyed being able to watch and listen to the other pupils sharing their information.

It was an incredible experience and we would like to thank everyone from the Eat Happy Project for making this possible.  We would recommend all schools to sign up for these online field trips and as one member of SNAG said, “This was the best thing I have ever done.  I have had fun, learnt loads and we got free fruit and juice!”