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This half term we have been learning about the value of responsibility.  We have heard stories from the Bible to help us to learn to take responsibility for what we say, our families, for our time, for our gifts and for managing our feelings. 
The value culminated in an Aspirations Day when parents and friends visited the classes to talk about their work with the children. The children came to school wearing work clothes to show the jobs they would like to have when they grow up. Each class also completed different activities throughout the day. 
In nursery, pupils painted pictures of themselves in their jobs, went into the photo booth and took part in a road safety role play outside. They also listened to some parents who told us all about their work as a statistician, in car sales and as an air cabin crew member. 
In the Reception class, pupils had a great time learning about some awesome gymnastic moves. They listened carefully to a parent who works for South Wales Police and learnt how to make good choices and stay out of  trouble. They also had a visit from a member of cabin crew and  thought about all the exciting places they could fly to in the world. 
Year 1 was very busy today and the adults almost out numbered the children! The pupils made dream jars, listened to several parents talk about their work and shared what they would like to do when they grow up with their peers. 
Year 2 didn’t stop at all today and started by listening to a parent who works for the council and were delighted to be given a pen each to mark the occasion.  They also began to understand how much work goes into planning a new building and learnt about how to behave around dogs.  
Year 3, parents also helped the children to think about the work of Christian Aid and the importance of education for all children, especially those suffering from poverty. The class watched a PowerPoint and then, using their knowledge and understanding of the situations, thought about how they would like the world to be when they grow up. 
In Year 4, pupils listened to parents talk about their jobs and watched some inspirational and aspirational videos of children who have had to overcome some very challenging obstacles in life. Pupils then wrote about their aspirations for their careers in the future.               
Year 5 played a 'Guess Who?' game for focusing on what pupils would like to be doing in 20 years time. They enjoyed listening to several parents who came to talk about their work. They completed self portraits of themselves working in their new careers. They also read about inspirational quotes and shared what they meant to each other with their classmates. 
LEGO ruled the day in Year 6 and was used to inspire the building of  models to show future aspirations as individually, for their families, for Wales and for the World. Parents enjoyed using Story Starter sets to help their child build the models. Pupils then observed, wondered and discussed the images created which showed racism, hunger, cyber bullying and homelessness. Pupils designed their models to show how theses situations might be resolved. 
We would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents and friends who attended throughout the day. You provided fantastic role models for the children and they loved having you in school and having the opportunity to work with you and learn about your jobs.