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Well the day we have dreaded has finally arrived - our last day in Year 6!

However, what an amazing final week we have had!

On Friday 10th July we visited LEGOLAND for our end of year trip.  It was an amazing experience and one we will never forget.  Especially the journey home!

On Monday 13th we were filmed by Daydream Education as part of the launch of the Maths Tutor app – go to to access the app on-line or download the app to your mobile device.

On Tuesday 14th we were treated to a food extravaganza at Pizza Perfection.  We were all able to make our own pizzas and we had an incredible time.  Many thanks to Mr & Mrs Karim for giving us a wonderful afternoon and a memory we will cherish.

On Wednesday 15th we all took part in the school transition day and had the opportunity to work with all the classes.

On Thursday 16th we performed our leavers Eucharist and assembly to the whole school and all our families.  It was a very emotional service and one we will never forget.  Many thanks to all our families for their continued love and support.

Today is our last day and we will cherish every moment with our friends and teachers.  We will get our shirts signed and we are looking forward to our leavers party tonight.

We have loved every minute of our time here at All Saints and we will never forget the memories we have shared.  We are looking forward to starting Year 7 and wish the next Year 6 all the happiness and success in the world.  

A message to Year 5 - make sure you grasp every opportunity and enjoy every minute of Year 6.  Believe us when we say that you don’t appreciate how special this school is until you have to say goodbye!