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We have had a fab week in Y5 this week. In English we have been busy planning, writing and assessing our first draft of our story for the St David’s Day writing competition.  The theme this year is ‘Courage’ and our stories illustrate how we have been courageous!  We also enjoyed sharing our ‘5 Sentence Challenge’ sentences that we wrote for homework.  

In our Maths lessons we have been revising our four number rules and also calculating how to round up and down numbers to 10, 100 and a 1000.  

​In Science we have undertaking our shadows investigation and measured the size of the shadow cast when light moves closer to an object.  

As well as last weeks Q&A session with a potato expert from Branston PLC, we also took part in an online field trip, in conjunction with Tesco, about salt.  The ‘Sprinkly Salt’ online field trip was live from Anglesey and we learnt how salt is harvested from the sea using an age-old process of evaporation. 
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