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To help support Children in Need 2015 we have been talking about and creating our own super hero character. Our healthy super hero fruit or veg characters have got many interesting super hero features and super names:

Super Pineapple can fly and can lazer people with his eyes. DA
Super Pea has got healthy powers. She can turn things into peas. SW
Super Orange has got really strong mussels. IS
Super Afal has got ice powers. AK
Super Watermelon can squirt water at the baddies and he can become invisible. HL
Super Strawberry can do super jumps and he can spin like a tornado. HS
Super Tomato Coch and Super Pea Gwyrdd have ice powers and can fly. AG
Super Broccoli can fly and he can shoot people with soup from an invisible gun. IW
Some of the learning outcomes for this work included:


  • thinking again about a healthy lifestyle;
  • thinking creatively to create our own original character;
  • writing descriptively;
  • to use welsh words (colours / fruit) in our writing or when discussing our work;
  • working towards writing on the line more consistently;
  • leaving clear spaces between words;
  • forming letters correctly;
  • thinking more independently about how to improve our writing;
  • enjoy our written work.
On Friday 13th November, we came to school dressed or as superheroes to raise money for Children in Need.
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