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Reception Blog Autumn 1
We have enjoyed starting in Reception and our teachers, Mrs Meiklejohn and Mrs Phillips are very pleased with how grown up we have become over the summer.
We have made the role play area into a house and enjoy dressing up and playing in there.

We have had great fun exploring the different toys and resources in Reception.

We are learning to identify our letters and to write them correctly, our word tubs and sound books go home weekly so our families can help us. We love taking books home to share too.
In school we are beginning to work in groups which helps us to concentrate and share our ideas with each other.
We are now used to having lunch in school and enjoy being able to play with the older children during lunch playtimes. It’s great to see our brothers and sisters too.
We are learning about autumn and ourselves and look forward to more exciting activities. Next week we will be using vegetables to make faces!
Until our next blog, goodbye from Reception September 2017