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It’s been a busy few weeks back after half term. We have continued with our dinosaur project to help practise and reinforce our counting, number recognition, addition and subtraction skills. We have been working really hard writing our numbers and practising writing number sentences. We have also started to look at the value of coins and learning to count in 2’s, 10’s and 5’s.

There are lots of celebrations this half term starting with St. David’s Day. We all looked fantastic in our costumes and all worked really hard in our Eisteddfod competitions. We thoroughly enjoyed singing our song on the stage for the rest of the Foundation Phase.
World book day saw us sharing our favourite books with each other and Year 1 and talking about why we liked them so much.

STEM week was full of surprises. We found a huge sparkly egg with a letter on the field-it was from a dinosaur called Mrs. T-Rex with a request to make a pair of warm pants for her baby. We did an investigation and found out that cotton wool will keep the baby warmest-so we made a pair of pants out of cotton wool!! We explored “heavy” and “light” using dinosaurs and balance scales and had real geologist come to talk to us about rocks and fossils-it was very interesting.

Rehearsals for our  class assembly are well underway and we are very excited about performing our very first class assembly.