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Reception have set up an ice cream van role play area in their class to explore money, welsh, language, colours and real life situations. The children asked if a ‘real life ice cream van’ could come and visit one day. 

On Wednesday their wish came true and thanks to,  an ice cream van drove onto the playground and parked up outside Reception! We all bought an ice cream with our money and sat in the sunshine to enjoy them. 

We were absolutely thrilled to be able to explore inside the van. We took some great photos, sat in the driver’s seat, learnt how the ice cream is made and best of all we got to press the button that turns the music on and disturbed the whole school!

On Friday, in order to learn about a healthy balanced diet, we made Jamie Oliver’s ‘Smoothie ice lollies’ to celebrate Food Revolution Day.  We followed a recipe, chopped, measured, whizzed, poured and discussed where we needed to put our liquid lollies to turn them into frozen solid lollies. They were both absolutely delicious and healthy, and we enjoyed them together in the sunshine. Some loved them so much they ended up wearing them!

In order to learn more about healthy eating, Reception decided to ask the experts, SNAG to come and talk to us. They told us all about the ‘eat well plate’  and even gave us a leaflet to take home to help us make healthy lunch-boxes. SNAG were a wealth of healthy eating information and even wanted to share their fruity kebabs with us.

We also got creative and wrote a message with our fruit to celebrate Food revolution day.