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Run, run as fast as you can you can you can't catch me I’m the … doughnut man!!

We have been writing some extended stories this week based on the story of the Gingerbread boy. We have been  focusing on :

Substituting ideas in the story with some of our own;
Thinking about changing the ending to a different tragedy or maybe having a happy ending;
Including a wider range of connectives in out writing : eventually, finally as well as suddenly, then  and because;

Trying to remember to include at least one full stop on our own in our writing!

Here is a small selection of the wonderful imaginative creations the children came up with.

  • A ginger bread man being chased by a slithering snake. FB
  • A marshmallow prince being chased by a pretty princess.  JJ
  • A doughnut boy cooked by a wizard. FNJ
  • A magic man and a magic lady who made a strange statue that came alive! SE
  • A pizza boy who was tip tapping on the oven door to be let out. AG
  • A popcorn girl called Poppy who was being chased by a clumsy cow (who liked his lips!). IW
  • A tint tiny cupcake girl who dashed out the door. HM

​We have also, based on this story designed our own gingerbread boys and girls and made a boat for the Gingerbread man so he can cross the river safely.  

Some children have also sent Tedi Tomos, our class mascot off in his own LEGO boat to save the Gingerbread man!