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Last week the children enjoyed the story ‘The Sandwich that Max made’ and from this book they created their own imaginary sandwiches. The task was to think of some favourite ingredients, draw them into a sandwich booklet and then label the ingredients. For Literacy we were focusing on- 

·       sounding out the words and trying to spell all the alphabet sounds we could hear independently;

·       forming the letters correctly and practising those that needed it;

·       always spelling the initial letter sound of the word ourselves independent ally;

·       and trying to hear and spell some of the other letter sounds of the words with some help.

Creating these sandwich booklets was making us think about food and some of the children asked if they could make some real sandwiches – healthy ones of course!! So this week we made some cucumber sandwiches focusing on- 

·       spreading the ‘butter’ on bread with knives ourselves;

·       chopping cucumber ourselves with  (special!) knives;

·       thinking about keeping hands and equipment clean when preparing food;

·       enjoying the sandwiches made!

All the children really enjoyed the experience and so did Maelon and Dwynwen (and all their snail babies!) who enjoyed eating all the spare cucumber pieces!
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