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SNAG 2017-18


We met as a committee and people nominated themselves to be chair, vice-chair, digital link and secretary. The next week we had to present to other members why we wanted to be in that position by using a presentation and showing how much knowledge we have on being healthy. We then voted on who we wanted to lead us and we came to a decision that chair would be Rose, vice –chair would be Ostyn, secretary would be Robbie and digital-link would be Harry. In the next meeting we wanted to make a display and we thought to have a display showing how much sugar there is in popular drinks that we have in everyday life. During the next week we discussed other ways to be healthy such as drinking the right amount of water and following the eat-well plate along with getting lots of exercise. We also thought of ways to make sure the school has healthy snacks , so we can all stay fit and healthy.


Healthy Eating Cookery Workshop




On Tuesday March 14th 2017 the SNAG group took part in a healthy eating cookery workshop with Richard Shaw from . Here are some of the SNAG group’s thoughts and comments:


  • He told us to clean our hands before we cook. We made wraps and flapjacks.  The wraps had pepper, tomato, cheese and cucumber(in them) and the flapjacks had just fruit – blueberries and banana. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! MG
  • We made a lot of mess. We took out yummy food home. We tried pineapple. AG and EJ
  • He was enthusiastic about healthy food. WJ
  • We had a quiz about sugar. Mr Shaw told us always try something new even if it’s not your favourite. He told us – do not eat too much sugar. AG KG
  • He told us we are only allowed 25 grams of sugar a day and that’s one tablespoon. RR GH
  • He told us that we need to try something new because most of us did not like the ingredients. ​LO-K MT.

Healthy Lunchbox Competition



On Friday the 10th of March Mr Thomas, whose job is to encourage and support healthy eating is schools, came to support us with judging the healthy lunchboxes competition we launched last term.

We talked about having a balanced diet represented in the healthy lunchboxes, and we eliminated entries based on changing strict criteria which we formulated during our discussion with Mr Thomas.

​There were many amazing healthy lunchbox entries and it was difficult reducing them down to just a few winners. One of the most interesting things we learnt about was about ‘how much fat and sugar you should have’ to be healthy. R S-T
By the SNAG group. 




We have now well established ourselves as the SNAG group within the All Saints Senedd and are looking forward to putting our pupil voice forward to influence the school and its decisions.

We have so far:


  • Appointed our chair person, vice chair, secretary, and  digital leader;
  • Come up with our own motto ‘Stay healthy for a good life!’;
  • Prepared an agenda of activities for this half term;
  • Created a display for the junior corridor;
  • Prepared and practiced what our presentation for the Junior and Infant assemblies next week about the importance of having a snack (a healthy one!) at morning break time.


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