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This week we have been thinking about the poem ‘Teddy Bear Teddy Bear’. We have been substituting lines in the poem with our own ideas and acting them out. The children also presented information to the class about their own teddy bear which they brought into school. These teddies also took part in a measuring activity. Additionally we have been making split pin teddy bear puppets and a teddy bear mask which we will use to make our own teddy dance next week. Many teddy bears have also been operated on and made better in the role play teddy bear hospital!
The learning focus for our tasks and activities based on the Teddy Bear Teddy Bear poem include:


  • Putting a  clear space between words when writing
  • Writing on the line
  • Correct letter formation
  • Putting a full stop in the writing
  • Speaking confidently about a familiar object in front of the class
  • Developing more careful cutting skills
  • Measuring using non-standard units (cubes) and counting correctly the total.