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Today was the day I was going to Cardiff Castle with my class. I went to school and met up with my partner Owen. Mr Davies then came in and took the register, Great! We were ready to go! Mr Williams came into the classroom to let us know that the coach had arrived, YYYAAAAYYYY! I was bursting with excitement! We boarded the coach and set off on our journey to the castle.  


At last we got there! The first thing we did was sit on the EPIC sign so that Mr and Mrs Williams (Mr Williams mother) and Mrs Allen could take some pictures. Then it was one of two scary parts, climbing the …...... KEEP! ''I'm afraid of heights '' said Owen. At that moment we were up the top. 

At the top of the keep, guess what? more pictures! Now it was the next scary part, going back down. When we got down we had a break. It was shopping time next and I bought two pencils, a feather pen, a snow globe and I got change! Now it was my favourite part of the day … LUNCH! Ssh!! Don't tell Mr Williams I had a chocolate bar!  

After lunch, we learnt Tudor dancing and I was pretty good if I do say so myself. We learnt dances that the poor and rich people did. Next was the music workshop and I wasn't great but I wasn't terrible either. Then it was time to go and before you could say "Tudor" we were back at school. 

Personally, I thought that the trip was a very educational and fun experience for all, we learnt so much about Tudor times. There is so much history at Cardiff Castle and the best part is it's right on our doorstep. I had a great time at Cardiff Castle and I would definitely go there again.  

Thanks for reading, until next time