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To celebrate the value of friendship Year 1 and Year 5 got together to create strong friendship bonds. Year 5 were invited to select a fairy tale book from the Infant library and prepare an activity or a game based upon it to share with a partner in Year 1.

The Year 5 children then, on the morning of the Values day read the fairy tale book to their Year 1 partner and played their game or undertook an activity. The Year 1 children were very excited to be making a friendship with an older ‘Junior’ child and the Year 5 children were most caring and attentive to their new Year 1 buddies.

There was great disappointment by both year groups when the playtime bell rang and the session was over. We hope that the friendships developed on this day will carry on throughout this year and into next year when both classes become the older children in both the Infant and Junior Departments.

​Diolch Blwyddyn 5, we so loved your company and friendship on our Values Celebration Day.
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