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Autumn Review

New members to the Wellbeing Committee and Super Ambassador Scheme were elected at the beginning of the autumn term and they have been busy working on behalf of the pupils.
We hope you enjoy our new display in the main corridor. Please remember to take some time to read all we have been doing in the last twelve months and remind yourself of the UNCRC Rights of the Child.
Once again, the Wellbeing Committee and the Super Ambassadors launched the Operation Christmas Child Samaritan’s Shoebox Appeal.  Our total this year was in excess of 100 boxes which the pupils helped load onto the transport for their journey to children in need around the world. We have just heard that the second export (which our boxes will probably go on) is to be loaded on Saturday 2nd December bound for Romania.
Members of the Wellbeing Committee and the Super Ambassadors were honoured to represent the school at the Poppy laying service at Merthyr Dyfan Cemetery, Barry on Friday 10th November. The pupils wait hearing this year’s total collection for The Royal British Legion following sales of poppies and other goods in school.
During Anti-Bullying Week (week commencing 13th November), the Wellbeing Committee launched a whole school competition in order to create new Anti-Bullying posters for display in school.
The two Super Ambassadors took part in a workshop arranged by the Vale Youth Service and the Children’s Commissioner for Wales on Friday 24th November. During a day of activities, the pupils learnt more about the work of the Children’s Commissioner for Wales and UNCRC.
It has been a very busy term for the Wellbeing Committee and Super Ambassadors and we are proud of what we have achieved. We look forward to the new term in January. Nadolig Llawen.

Wellbeing Blog


This week we started our meeting with our Chairperson and Vice Chairperson announcing the bear that will soon be our attendance mascot. Out of four choices, a white bear got the most votes. Our Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Secretary will go with Mr Williams to the Build a Bear store in Cardiff next Friday to make the bear. 

Next we suggested what name we were going to give the bear. There were lots of suggestions including Bob, Oreo, Primrose and Alfie. We put the names to a vote and out of twelve suggestions Olaf won with four votes. 

Finally Miss Saunders told us our right of the month and Super Ambassadors value for February. 

The right of the month is Article 15, your right to meet with friends and join groups and clubs and the Super Ambassadors value is love. The right is a very good fit with our plethora of clubs including the Senedd groups and clubs that meet at lunchtime and after school, as well as the value being a good fit with our school motto and Valentine's Day on the 14th of February. The Wellbeing committee will try their best to promote this right and value. 


Friday 20th January 2017 was a very special day as we celebrated Children's Rights Day. 

Family members were welcome to come into school in the morning to see what children were doing in their classes and what Wellbeing were doing as a committee in the Learning Pod that morning. 

We had very special visitors as we welcomed in some people from the Vale of Glamorgan Youth Service and even Sally Holland, the Children's Commissioner for Wales. 

We asked our questions to Sally Holland, and our Super Ambassadors, Secretary and one Digital Link gave her a tour of the school while the Vale of Glamorgan Youth Service did a workshop with everybody else. 
While the Wellbeing Committee were in the Learning Pod and also in the afternoon, the children did a range of activities in the classes. 
A few examples were Year 5 building children's rights in Lego and Year 6 finding out about the rights that parents have. Year 3 even had an alien visitor! 

Everybody learnt a lot about children's rights and the UNCRC, and everybody seemed to enjoy it. ​


Wellbeing Committee Blog 13/1/2017 


This week's Wellbeing Committee meeting has been very busy as we have preparing for Children's Rights Day next week. 

First we watched a video about children's rights filmed in 2015, which all the committee members enjoyed. 

Next we wrote our questions to the Children's Commissioner for Wales, Sally Holland as she will be visiting us on Children's Rights Day. Almost all of the committee members read out their questions, and 'Do you enjoy your job?' was written down the most. 

Our Children's Rights Day is on Friday 20th January 2017 and parents are welcome. 


Wellbeing blog - Autumn 1 2016




The Wellbeing Committee have elected their Chairperson, Vice Chair, Secretary and Digital Link and approved their Terms of Reference.
We hope you enjoy our new display in the main corridor.
Wellbeing Committee

Wellbeing Committee - Blog 2


Our past few weeks have been packed with activities and important things to do! 

On week one, we looked at the rights of the child by the UNCRC and picked two of the most fitting rights to go with what is going on in school.  The chosen rights for you to focus on  are  Article 7: Your right to a name and nationality and Article 14: Your right to follow your own religion. 

In week two, we elected our Chairperson, a Secretary and a Vice-Chairperson. Well done to everyone who was elected. 

Week three, we designed our own Wellbeing logos and mottos and are yet to find the logo and motto to be the symbol of the Wellbeing Committee. We showed our designs to each other and loved what we saw, everybody's designs were very well drawn and creative. 

Finally, we have been given a challenge from Vale Transport. They have asked our well being committee to interview children who travel to and from the school by bus.  

We are looking forward to our future challenges! 


Wellbeing Committee  - Blog 1


The new Wellbeing Committee have elected their Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and secretary.
We have designed a new logo as well as a slogan and our members are now ready to complete tasks for the benefit of the pupils in school.
Members of the School Council have already met with Rhiannon Moore, Transportation Officer with the Visible Services and Transport Department of the Vale of Glamorgan. She has requested our help in completing a survey of transport used to enable pupils to travel to and from school.
All committee members are now busy creating questions for the survey and will complete the work in due course.
Our Super Ambassadors will report all survey results to the Children’s Commissioner.