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We have had a fantastic half term in Year 5 
(wow that has gone quickly!). 

In Maths we have been looking at the properties of different triangles and how to identify them.  We have also been reading and drawing a variety of graphs and creating questions about the results .  In English we have been collating our first person narrative and we have also written about our Cave adventure. We have used our  ‘Tickled Pink’ & ‘Get Better Green’ highlighters, as well as our ✓✓and EBI’s to assess our work. 

In our Tudors topic we have been researching different Tudor foods and differences between a rich and poor diet. In Science we have been investigating the how to get dirty water clean using our best Bear Grylls survival skills. In Art we have been reproducing different famous Tudor people and paintings.  In Welsh we have been learning to tell the time with Mrs Evans.  

​We also had a fantastic time on Movie Making Day.  We created films based on the Tudors and also used a range of techniques and technology to produce a variety of different films.

It was lovely to meet everyone at parents evening and well done Year 5 on an amazing half term.