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We have had a ‘testing’ week in Y5 this week. We have completed our National tests on Reading, Maths Procedural & Maths Reasoning.  All the children worked really hard.  We are very proud of them and the effort they have put in over the last few weeks.  Da iawn Y5. 

In Art we have been studying the Welsh artist Jeremy Thomas and the style of his paintings. In PE we have started the Summer Term by undertaking the very challenging 20m multi-stage fitness test!  Everyone tried really hard and it was wonderful to see the children encouraging each other to keep going.  In Science we have been building a variety of switches.  We found out about the different types of switches and their functions.  

​In our topic work we have been naming and locating cities of the United Kingdom, geographical regions and identifying human and physical characteristics.  We have also studied why and how some of these aspects have changed over time by comparing maps and photographs of places. 
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