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This week in Language, Literacy and Communication we have been thinking about alliteration. After reading and discussing (and enjoying!!) the story Mrs Wishy-Washy the children thought about other animals that could be washed by Mrs Wishy –Washy and thought about writing this is a sentence that contained alliterative words. Here are some examples the children came up with:

In went the caring cat. SW
In went the furry fox. EW
In went the daring dog. AG
In went the crazy crab. DA
In went the sad seagull. JM
In went the sleeping spider. HL

In addition to alliteration we were focusing on:


  • trying to put in a full stop in our work with more independence;
  • having a  real big push on independently writing with a clear space between words;
  • revising the spelling for in went the  and other simple monosyllabic words.
Additionally we focused on cutting skills: making our own Mrs Wishy-Washy, thinking of describing words for animals whilst washing and scrubbing them with toothbrushes in the water tray and listening to the story in Welsh, joining in with some actions.
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