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We have had a fantastic week in Year 5.  

In Maths we have been working hard on our multiplication and division skills.  We have looked at different methods and have really enjoyed finding out about the ‘bus stop’ method of division.  In English we have been writing mysterious and interesting letters as part of work with the Cindy, Ann & Bones detective agency.  In Science we have been looking at dissolving and have planned a variety of experiments that will investigate the factors that affect the rate of dissolving.  

In ICT we have had the opportunity to fully explore our Hwb page and have been busy posting wikis, blogs and adding to the discussions section.  In Art we have completed our Tudor roses and have started to explore the importance of portraits during the Tudor period. 

It was disappointing to have to cancel Sports Day, but we will look forward to it in the Summer Term.  A huge well done to everyone for their incredible RWC 2015 presentations.  They were wow-derful!