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We have completed our final week of this half term and now only have half a term left in school.  

In Maths we have been carrying out a number of different investigations linked to Walk to School week.  

In English we have been sharing our presentations about a variety of topics with our classmates. 

In RE we have continued our work on the ‘Nicene Creed’ and its importance in the Christian religion.  We have also had the opportunity this week to explore and carry out a number of different problem solving activities using our new LEGO education kits called ‘Simple and Powered Machines’.  We built a powered car and have used our understanding of gears and ratio to make it travel as fast as possible.  

We also enjoyed taking part in the whole school ‘Walking Bus’ and working with other children in school during our ‘Helping Others Day’.  Have a wonderful week off and don’t forget school is closed on Monday 1st June.  

Here's to a fantastic last half term!