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We have undertaken a wide range of activities in Year 1 in Autumn Term 2 to develop our understanding of Christmas including:


  • Exploring different art works that represents the angel visiting Mary;
  • Exploring how the shepherds felt when they were visited by a host of angels;
  • Painting some amazing shepherd pictures!
  • Playing Nativity themed games and exploring the story further on the class computers;
  • Making a Christmas card to give to someone.


We have also:


  • Explored the meanings of the three gifts the wise men gave;
  • Compared and contrasted Christmas traditions in Wales and in Slovakia (including a visit on St Nicolas’ day by the man himself who left raisins in our shoes when we were busy in the hall!!);
  • Taken part in the Infant Nativity play (including some amazing Year 1 singing!);
  • Re told the Nativity story using connectives;
  • Enjoyed our Infant Christmas party.