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We thoroughly enjoyed our fruity fun faces activity on our Healthy Living day. We chopped up our own fruit (using special knives!) and arranged it into a ‘Sut wyt ti?’face. Some of our faces were ‘Dw i’n bendigedig!’ some were 'Dw i'n hapus,’ and some were ‘Dw i’n ofnadwy.’ Oh dear!
We were so inspired by our work that we also set up our own ‘Sut wyt ti?’ hand puppet making activity on the craft table – a fantastic example of pupil led planning in the enhanced provision.
After having fun eating our creations we used photos of our fruity faces to practice our welsh feelings, fruit and colour words. We also combined colour and fruit words to express more interesting ‘Beth wyt ti’n hoffi?' phrases. We made our own Welsh booklets trying our best to write neatly on the line with tall and dangly letters clear.