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​On Friday 17th of February for our Values/ Aspirations day the children of Blwyddyn 1 create a ‘Dream Jar’ with their parent/parent volunteers. The jars included labeled pictures of a range of the following aspirations that the children could consider for their future lives-
  • a job you may like to have;
  • a pet;
  • a favourite healthy meal/food;
  • a holiday destination;
  • a friend you would like to have;
  • your family;
  • a sport/ activity that you would like to do;
  • a garden or wildlife area that you  would like to have/a place to cherish;
  • a musical instrument you would like to play;
  • a photo of yourself taken on Value / Aspirations day;
  • additionally on a heart shaped piece of paper : something you are going to do for someone else;
  • plus any other idea that comes to mind!
It was a busy morning with lots of ideas going into the dream jars, which were then decorated in all sorts of colourful ways. Thank you very much for all the donations we received and to all the parents/ grandparents who attended the event and supported the children in their activity.

We would also like to that our parents who gave us lots of inspiration by speaking and showing us objects relating to their jobs – an air hostess, an architect and a business entrepreneur.