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In Year 4 we have had a very busy start to the new school year.

It has been a very busy first week in Year 4. We thought about our targets for the term during our transition week with Miss Saunders and we have started working towards them.
During our class worship we have heard about a new world and we have started thinking what we would like to see in it. 
In English we have been using proper nouns and have written about special people in our lives. Peer assessing has been completed. 

As part of the one hundredth birthday celebrations of Roald Dahl, we have started reading The Twits. Very entertaining!

In mathematics we have been developing our understanding of place value.
We have enjoyed using the new Mac minis in the Learning Pod, sending lots of emails to Miss Saunders and Mr Williams.

Year 4 Pupils and Miss Saunders