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We have really enjoyed Science week, especially blowing things up!  

Everyone looked amazing in their costumes. We have carried out many experiments including making rockets from film canisters, bicarb of soda and vinegar!.  We have also investigated the physical reaction when Mentos meet different types of fizzy pop and also found out why certain cans of soda float or sink!  

We have also conducted our own investigation into how fats and proteins are sensitive to changes in milk, how colours can change and disappear!  We enjoyed discovering how chromatography works with the help of Skittles and we also made a right mess when made a non-Newtonian fluid or gloop as we call it. We also had the opportunity to visit the International Centre for Aerospace Training at Cardiff Airport.  All the children really enjoyed the visit and a big thank you to everyone at ICAT for such a brilliant adventure.  

We really enjoyed our trip to Dow Corning on Wednesday but the highlight of the week was when we got to work with Mike from Dolygaer. We have chosen the activities we will be doing and more importantly we have sorted the menu for the three days!