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Another week has flown by here in Year 6 and we have reached the end of the Spring Term 2015 – only one more term to go!  

In English we have been continuing our revision for the national tests in May by working on our reading comprehension skills and analysing how to answer the test papers.  

In Maths we have been also working hard on our tests by looking at a variety of questions that will appear on both the procedural and reasoning papers.  We have been looking at how to extract the key information from each question. 

We have really enjoyed STEM week, especially blowing things up!  We have carried out many experiments including making rockets, investigating the physical reaction when Mentos meet fizzy pop and also building towers from spaghetti & marshmallows. 

We even had a visit from two Neuroscientists from the Neuroscience & Mental Health Research Institute at Cardiff University. They explained to us all about how amazing our brains are and how they can grow brain cells.  We think Mr W could do with some extra! Thank you to Rachel & Kira we had a 'blast'.

A huge personal thank you to all the pupils for making Venture Week 2015 so memorable and we hope you enjoyed following our adventure on Twitter #VW15.  

Have a fantastic Easter holiday - Pasg Hapus!

Y6 - Pop & Mentos - STEM Week 2015

Y6 - Pop & Mentos 3 - STEM Week 2015