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This week in Year 1 we have been finding out about nocturnal animals. We all found out many interesting facts about animals such as bats, foxes, hedgehogs, owls and badgers. We used these facts to write our own information booklets. 

We also used our creative skills to make owls. We looked at pictures of owls to see the features we needed to add to our models. Lots of us made big owl eyes!

Another activity which we all enjoyed was making a house for a hedgehog. We could only use natural materials and we loved using the courtyard as our outside classroom. We worked in pairs and had to use our communication skills to work out how to build it and what we wanted to put in our houses. Some houses had a sofa, a bed, a bridge and there was even a slide and climbing frame in one house!

Pupils of the week were Oliver and Lana for their co-operation skills when building their hedgehog house.
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